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Image of the IPC CID Certified Interconnect Designer

Welcome to Fresu Electronics
and the dynamic world of
PCB Hackers

where the revolution in printed circuit board technology is not just ongoing, it's thriving.

Dario Fresu, a maestro in electronics and PCB design, leads this avant-garde venture.

Inspired by his lineage of engineers, and armed with an engineering degree and prestigious certifications, Dario is at the forefront of this movement.

PCB Hackers is more than a community; it's a culture of innovation and collaboration. Here, every circuit tells a story, and every member transforms from a curious learner to a master creator. It's a place where challenges are met with ingenious 'hacks', simplifying complexities and fostering creativity.

At Fresu Electronics, we embrace this spirit. We believe in empowering our partners, not just with technical expertise, but with the mindset of a PCB Hacker – innovative, collaborative, and ever-curious.

Together, we're not just designing circuits; we're scripting the future of technology, one PCB at a time. Join us in this journey of transformation, innovation, and limitless possibilities.

Be a part of the PCB revolution.

"You Are Just One Hack Away"
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Explore our collection of EMC-focused books to deepen your industry knowledge.

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Dive into insights and trends in PCB with our expertly written blog articles.



Enhance your expertise with our comprehensive PCB courses for all levels.

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Discover precision tools essential for your PCB design and testing needs.

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