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90-Day PCB Design Mastery 

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What Are Others Already Saying About Fresu Electronics?

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Edgar Vela

I have collaborated with Dario for PCB design and firmware services, and I couldn't be happier with the results. His expertise in electronics, attention to detail, and professionalism in handling inquiries set them apart. Throughout all our interactions, his experience was evident. Having previously worked on other projects together, I can attest to his consistent excellence. It have been delivered top-notch designs and firmware on time. Highly recommended for any electronic design project!

SOHR Solutions

I had a great experience working with Dario Fresu Electronics. Their communication was top-notch, which made the entire process smooth and efficient. They provided comprehensive service, ensuring that all aspects of the project were taken care of. Additionally, they were able to identify and correct errors in the PCB design, which saved us time and money in the long run. Overall, I highly recommend Dario Fresu for anyone in need of reliable and cost-effective PCB solutions

Oriod Malo

A few months ago I had my PCB reviewed from Dario.

It was my first full PCB and I needed a professional review more than anything.

I am extremely satisfied with Dario’s feedback: pointing correctly both the pros and cons of my design, and served as the basis for all my future PCB projects.

Fresu Electronics Course

" The  Technical content was very very useful. The online course is very useful, I highly recommend it. "

Mouadh Ezzine

Inside this course, you will learn:

90-Day PCB Design Mastery Course: Right The First Time



Per 30 Days - Per Person

This course will guide you on how to design professional PCB projects that work correctly right from the first time.

It took me from failing Arduino-level projects, where I could not apply the theory I learned in my electronic engineering degree course, to creating printed circuit boards for industry leaders, including a top 10 university worldwide.

During that time,

  • I provided consultancy to clients facing challenges in Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, and Printed Circuit Board Design.

  • I led teams and projects and mentored interns and students, blending theory with practical experience in circuit design.

  • I shared knowledge and educated through social media, with over 11k followers across platforms, and over 2,800 members in the PCB Hackers Communities.

  • How to create a professional hardware project with knowledge, not intuition.

  • How to bridge the gap between the theory of electronics and practical application in building your projects.

  • How to structure your entire project professionally.

  • How to master component placement.

  • How to choose your multilayer PCB stackup for better performance.

  • How to create professional-grade PCBs without the need for expensive software.

  • How to create documentation for the production and assembly of your boards.

  • How to design boards with mixed signals and multilayer PCB stackup for better performance.

You don't have to be the best. You just have to bridge the gap between theory and practice, so that your results speak louder than words. If you want to take your skills to the next level - It's time to find out how to make professional PCBs.
This Course shows how.


The only way to create projects that work the first time is to build professional projects with a systematic approach that takes into account the project from multiple perspectives. Mastery of PCB Design is what initiates this process. Since creating circuits is what people pay you for, mastering circuit design is the lifeblood of any Electronic Circuit Designer. PCB Design Mastery will teach you how to create them and get them right on your first try.

Beginner PCB

1. How to systematically verify your design to minimize or eliminate the risk of failures.

What does it take to create a successful project? Plan before you start, which means knowing what you should and should not include. Create the schematics with the final and real application in mind. Design a bulletproof layout that excels in performance testing.

Intermediate PCB
2. How to create layouts for optimal electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) results.

There are several things that can make a layout outperform at the EMC level. Explore each part step by step using proven techniques that make your project stand out in lab tests.

Advanced PCB
3. How to design boards with mixed signals and multilayer PCB stackup for better performance.

By now, you have acquired enough knowledge to distinguish between designing for analog circuits and digital circuits and understand how to apply this knowledge to other projects in your career.



In this first section, it's all about understanding the fundamentals. What are the steps to build a PCB design and why do we need them?

How and where to start: The first few lessons will cover the initial problems most designers face—you have a great idea for a project, but you don't know where to start.


We will guide you on how to set up a professional design environment and organize all the necessary tools, templates, and checklists to start on the right foot.

Building the project blocks:

We delve into the creation of project specifications and project blocks. These components are the building blocks of successful hardware projects, providing a clear framework and direction for your designs.


This section serves as the foundation for everything that follows.

Scketch Circuit.jpg



Here, we will cover how to design schematics like a professional.

How to master schematic design:

In this section, we will discuss common mistakes that make schematics look unprofessional. You'll learn how to use simple techniques to elevate your schematics to a professional level.

How to design schematics that actually work:

Next, we will design all the schematics for your real project, including MCU, Mosfets Drivers, USB, and CAN-BUS, along with all the remaining project blocks. We will explore how to select the right components to ensure it works on the first try.

How to verify your schematics:

The final step will be the verification of the schematics. Here, you'll discover how to perform tasks that few others can do and how to make this process systematic and effortless.



In this section, unlock the key elements of PCB layout design.

Set the right foundations:

In these lessons, you will learn how and why to choose the correct stackup for your project, as well as how to organize component placement to simplify the layout process.

Understand critical topics:

We delve into critical topics such as crosstalk, controlled impedance, impedance matching, signal propagation, reflections, return current, and more. By the end of this section, you'll have a deep understanding of how to design layouts that prioritize Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and achieve better overall performance.

Error-Free PCB Strategies:

Next, we will cover essential strategies for error-free PCB design and provide insights on how to use tools to minimize risks effectively.




In this section, we will prepare the project for the final steps. 


In these lessons, you will learn how to optimize your board to guarantee the reliability and functionality of your design.


Then, we dive deeper into the functionality of the PCB, ensuring that your PCB layout is thoroughly prepared for manufacturing. This step is crucial to guarantee the reliability and functionality of your design.

How to prepare for Manufacturing:

We provide a comprehensive overview of the steps involved in creating the essential documentation necessary for production. This includes assembly layers, specifications, production files, and more.

Sending for Production:

Finally, we walk you through the practical steps of sending your board for production, ensuring a smooth transition from design to a physical product.


Now, it's time to use what you've learned.

As a PCB designer, you can now bring much more value to your company and clients.


I want to encourage you. It may sound cliché, but get ready for some shocking reactions when you start showing the impressive results you'll achieve.

When I started using these techniques, some had doubts initially, but as they saw the excellent outcomes, I gained the trust of my team and boss.

Here is the part where you will finish the course and gain valuable skills.

Embrace this moment, and I'm confident you'll continue to do great as a PCB designer. 

DF_ES_Your Name.jpg

Our Courses Are Perfect For

Beginner PCB
Hobbyist & Students
Wanting to become PRO

Start your career in PCB Design and build your projects' portfolio by building real and professional projects.

Intermediate PCB
Electronic Engineers
 Already working in the field

Improve your skills in multilayer Printed Circuit Board Design and get a certificate of recognition to boost your professional career.

Advanced PCB
Hardware Freelancers 
Wanting to step up their skills

Discover how to improve your chances of meeting EMC standards by designing mixed signal circuits. This way, your clients will be happy and will tell others about your great work!

PCB Design Mastery_Course.png
PCB Design Mastery Course
  • Immediate access to online video lessons.

  • Unlimited 90-day access to the course's platform.

  • Lessons with Video & Audio Studio Quality.

  • Includes English Subtitles.

$374 Value

Members-only Community Course Forum 
  • Interact with fellow learners and ask questions to Dario regarding the project.

  • Receive support and insights so that you don't get stuck at any point along the course.

  • Network with other like-minded individuals and build valuable connections in the field of PCB design.

$149 Value

Support Material.jpg
Immediate Access to Support Material
  • Enhance your learning experience

  • Access high-quality supplementary resources

  • Explore comprehensive reference materials

  • Gain valuable insights and knowledge

  • Supplement your understanding of the lessons

$199 Value

Certificate Of Course Completion
  • Earn a certificate upon project completion

  • Validate your skills and commitment to learning

  • Showcase your expertise to employers and professionals

  • Improve job opportunities

  • Demonstrate dedication and knowledge in the field

$79 Value

Bonus Resources_MODIFIED.png
Extra Playbooks And Blueprints Guides


  • Templates

  • Checklist

  • Cheat Sheet

  • Design Guides

$200 Value

Project review.jpg

$1500 Value

Bonus #1 - Exclusive Review Of Your Project
  • Receive 1 review of your course project from Dario

  • Gain in-depth and personalized feedback

  • Enhance your project and skills

  • Take your projects to the next level

Bonus #2 - Dario's Direct Support Via Email
  • Access more support for your course project

  • Direct and personalized email access to Dario

  • Ask specific questions

  • Seek tailored advice

  • Receive individual feedback on the course PCB design projects

$549 Value

Bonus #3 - Linkedin Endorsement After Completion
  • Receive a personal LinkedIn endorsement from Dario

  • Available after successfully completing your project

  • Enhance recognition for your skills and commitment

Total price for the package:
$49  Month

 Due To High-Level Support, Only limited seats are available!


Find answers to common questions about the course, the skills required, and returns.
What level of electronics knowledge is required to enroll in your courses?

The level of electronics knowledge required to enroll in our courses is a basic understanding of electronics. We recommend that participants have experience in building at least a very simple PCB before attending the course. This foundational knowledge will help you get the most out of our courses and ensure a smoother learning experience.

How can I purchase the course?

The course is available for purchase directly from our website. To secure your online seat, simply click on "JOIN WAITLIST," and proceed to the checkout to make your pre-booking payment. Once the course becomes available again, you can then complete your purchase by paying the remaining sum from the full price. This will grant you immediate access to the course content.

What is your return policy?

We are unable to cancel orders, offer refunds or process returns at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! This is because the course content is accessible immediately upon purchase, and once accessed, it cannot be unused. We hope you understand, and if you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we are here to support you in your learning journey If you have any questions regarding course orders please feel free to email us at

What is the example project?

The example project is a 6KW (60V-100A peak) Electronic Speed Controller, essentially a motor controller. It's based on an open-source project called VESC, and is widely used in various applications. Once you've completed your project, you can utilize an open-source software suite to obtain the firmware for your board and a graphical user interface for computer-based device control.

Do I have to pay for an expensive CAD tool to design the project?

We are going to use a free and open-source tool called KiCAD. While the software is free, it doesn't mean it's not professional. In fact, many people design all sorts of complex projects, including single-board computers and multilayer PCBs, using KiCAD. For more information and examples of projects created with KiCAD, you can visit

Our Services




Limited Seat Available!


Per 30 Days - Per Person

Immediate access to online video lessons

Unlimited 90-day access to course's platform

Members-only community course forum for 90 days

Certificate of completion

This also includes:




And much more...

Limited Seat Available!


one on one_Consultation.jpg



Per Session - Per Person


Receive expert consultations on your project

Design Electromagnetic Compatibility Consultations

Printed Circuit Board Design Consultations

Ideal for companies and professionals

*Requires Qualification






Per Year - Per Person


This includes:

PCB Design For Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

High-Speed Design 

High-Voltage PCB Design

Multilayer PCB Design

Radio Frequency Design

Mixed Signals PCB Design

and much more...


Members-only community forums

Members-only real-time chat app


Direct weekly access to Dario's email

Dario's personalized video revision of your courses projects

Quarterly 1:1 with Dario - ($4500 value)

*Starting in 2025

Meet The Founder

Hi, I'm Dario Fresu

Like many designers, my first real approach to professional circuit board design started right after finishing my studies in electronics.


This is also when I realized I really had no clue about designing a professional printed circuit board (PCB) from scratch.

And let's be honest, this is where many of us designers start.

It's kind of funny because when I was a kid, I played with electronics, and I even got a degree in Electronics. I knew a lot about electrical circuits, but I still didn't know how to make a professional PCB.

I did study a lot of theory during my studies, that's for sure, but I had no clue how to apply it to design my circuits. 


Just so you understand, I'm not talking about making simple breadboard circuits or basic "Arduino" one-layer boards. Those can be fun, but you wouldn't want one of those circuits to be the 'brain' controlling an airplane or a car, would you?

No, I wanted to build professional circuits, circuits like motherboards with processors, motor controllers, radios, management systems, and all the cool electronics that companies integrate into their awesome products. 

As you can imagine, going from designing a breadboard to designing a motherboard is no easy task. Or at least it wasn't for me.

But after many years of trying and learning, reading lots of books, taking courses, getting certificates, and making many more PCB designs, it finally started to make complete sense.

Now finally, the theory I had studied in the early days was starting to bring results.

Fast-forward to today:

  • I have collaborated with a variety of companies, ranging from emerging startups to established industry leaders, guiding them in launching their products. This includes working as a Technical Expert with esteemed institutions like ETH Zurich (among the top 10 best universities in the world), enriching my expertise in PCB design and development.

  • I have provided consultancy to clients through challenges in Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal IntegrityPower Integrity, and Printed Circuit Board Design.

  • I have led teams and projects, and mentored interns and students, blending theory with practical experience in circuit design.

  • Additionally, I share knowledge and educate through social media, with 16K subscribers across platforms, and over 2.8K members in the PCB Hackers LinkedIn Community.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I want you to succeed and avoid the same errors I made. I'm sharing everything I've learned about circuit design on this platform and program.

These methods have worked for me and many others, so I know they can work for you too. These are the same methods that allowed me to increase 10X my salary and provide a hundred times more value to my clients.

And if you are eager to shortcut your path and get the knowledge, without the scars, then scroll click the button below to check out the best way to start your journey of becoming a Printed Circuit Board Master.

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Dario Fresu Signature
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